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Energy Healing

Energy healing identifies and removes blocks in the energy field which contribute to “dis-ease” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The client completes my history and physical form and we discuss what their issue is. The client then lays on the table fully clothed, the chakras are measured, healing oils administered and a hands-on healing is completed. The client then gets their results and “homework” and post-healing directions. Long Distance Energy Healing is done in exactly the same manner as the "in person healing", but you don’t have to be physically in the healing room.

Essential Oils for Healing

I use essential oils in every healing for their vibrational healing properties, and believe in them so much that I distribute them as well as have trainings in their use. If you are interested in the essential oils used in your treatment, I let you know which ones they were and how you can obtain them. Many clients have loved the oils so much that they have become “distributors” so that they can buy their oils wholesale and share with their friends and family. I periodically have educational meetings, complete with hand outs for those who are interested in learning more about the oils.

Pre and Post-Operation Healing,
Long Distance

Studies have shown that pre-operative long distance healing aids in reducing patient stress and steadies anesthetic levels during surgery and post-operative healing improves healing time by 50%. Long distance healing is the same as in person, but you don’t have to be physically in my healing room. If a client is going to have surgery, we set up an appointment for me to begin long distance healing about one hour prior to the scheduled surgery. The client tells me what the surgeon has estimated for time in surgery and recovery, and then the post-surgery healing is given for an hour after surgery. Clients have felt me connect prior to surgery and their doctors have commented to them how much more quickly they have healed than others.