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Are there side effects from energy healing?

After a healing, many blocks are naturally removed. However, there may be something that you may need to know consciously and it may come to you in a dream or insight after a healing to help you in your life.

Do you diagnose my illness or tell me what drugs to take?

No, I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or tell you what drugs you are to take. However, if I do see something that needs medical attention, I will recommend that you see a doctor.

Why can’t I bring awareness to the blocks and heal them myself?

Many painful memories are buried in our unconscious. A defense is often guarding those painful memories, and the mind is definitely not going to open that defensive door. The energy healing goes beyond the conscious mind to the energy of the body (which holds the unconscious mind).

Is there a difference between Reiki and what you do?

I began my energy healing path with Reiki and know it is a wonderful modality. However Barbara Brennen Energy Healing with its 4 years of education, work on self, and observation by trained teachers as to clarity of healing guidance, what level of the field you are working on, and in-depth work on aspects of all chakras, as well as other dimensions, is much deeper.