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Her work is life changing

"I literally cannot count the number of clients I have steered in Bejay's direction over the past 11 years. Her work is life changing. My personal journey had some fun twisty turns in it along the way and each time I went to see her, everything distilled into information that made sense for my healing needs. If you're feeling stuck and in need of some clarity about your life, I recommend a session with Bejay."

Laura Denney / Facebook

She is a true gem

"I have known BeJay for nearly 20 yrs. Anytime my soul gets cluttered with the past wounds, lack of clarity about myself and my purpose or simply confusion with my situation in life, I have turned to Bejay for counsel. The dialogue helps narrow down the issues, and you really feel heard and seen for the suffering of the soul. Sensitively, she ignites her wisdom and keen listening to hears more about the spiritual lesson. She listens for where the soul is shadowed and where the spirit has been diminished. During the chakra cleansing and particularly with the use of essential oils, I become so deeply nurtured and held in a space where deep release is possible while Bejay gathers wisdom messages from Spirit. It's exhilarating and so informative. She reminds us to rest in the goddess healing energy for 3-4 days following the healing session. I really appreciate this reminder to be held by the spirit. There is so much guidance for us to receive. She is a true gem"

Paula B

Bejay is a gifted Healer

Most people have an occupation during their lifetime. Many are seen as gifted: artists, musicians, or surgeons, for example. Bejay is a gifted Healer. And I do not believe she chose to pursue the Healing Arts as much as she was chosen. It was a Calling. I have known Bejay for many years and called upon her talents many times over those years and will continue to do so until the end. Bejay has never failed to lift my spirits and helped me to see my own value and Inner Light. I am very grateful our paths crossed in this lifetme.

Charles D